Trendy is a word that many people use to describe clothing styles and outfits. It can also be used to describe a person who is fashionable or popular.

When it comes to fashion, trendy is something that becomes popular and continues to evolve over time. This is unlike fads, which come and go but never progress or become permanent in nature.

“Trends have a way of evolving and reappearing in different places over a period of time,” Elia says, adding that it’s common to see a trend that originated in one culture continue on in another. For example, camouflage was a popular trend in the 70s and is currently making a comeback.

The ’80s may seem like an unlikely place to find trends that are back, but they have been reborn and revamped in ways that appeal to the contemporary zeitgeist. The ’80s represented a sense of experimentation, size and expression, so it’s no surprise that some elements of the era have made their way into modern fashion.

Tassels and fringe are the new feathers, spotted at everything from ruffled blouses to floral dresses on the S/S ’23 runways. They’re the perfect party trick and look especially chic when paired with neutral tones. Keep an eye out for tassels on sweaters, long hemlines, and even the back of leather jackets.

Lilac and purple tones reigned as the party wear trend of 2022 and they’re set to take the stage again in 2023, with silver beaded iterations at the ready. This pretty hue is a good option for the most special occasions, so expect to see lilac and lavender dresses adorned with roses and tulle for a romantic finish.

Embroidered details are back in full force, with heart applique being spotted at the likes of Victoria Beckham and Elie Saab, while cool-girl chevrons are also on the rise. A great choice for wedding guest dresses, these embroidered styles will be seen on a wide range of silhouettes from floral mini dresses to slinky maxis and beyond.

Utilitarian wear is in for 2023, with cargo pants set to reemerge with an elevated look that’s more than just shapeless low-rise trousers from the Y2K era. Tailored styles, interesting pocket placements and elevated fabrics like silk and organza are all part of the trend, which is sure to appeal to fashion lovers everywhere.

There’s a big difference between style and trendy, but it’s not always obvious. Being stylish is about showing elegance, taste and refinement and you don’t need to be trendy to do this.

To determine what the trend is, you need to look at three elements: consumer needs, external changes and innovations that are resolving points of tension in customers’ lives. You need to sense where these come together to form new levels of customer expectation, and then you need to act on it in a way that will make your business stand out from the crowd.