Trendy is a word that is frequently used to describe anything that is stylish, chic and on trend. When it comes to fashion, this can mean anything from the latest season’s trends to a particular style of clothing that is hot right now.

Having a good understanding of what trendy means can help you stay ahead of the curve. Knowing what trends are coming and going can make it easier to pick out styles that will last a long time in your closet, so you don’t have to spend money on clothes you’ll only wear once or twice.

The word ‘trendy’ is derived from the French term ‘trend de la mode’ which means ‘fashion trend’. In fashion, a trend is something that is in vogue at the moment, but will eventually pass and be replaced by a new one that tickles the fancy of a younger generation.

Some fashionistas fall in love with a trend and try to incorporate it into their wardrobes season after season, while others don’t mind if it passes by the wayside. The key is to find a balance between the two and to know when to jump on the bandwagon and when to be more conservative with your style choices.

Fast fashion

During the 90s and 2000s, fast fashion became a huge phenomenon as it quickly turned designer looks into cheap and easy-to-purchase garments on the high street. In order to meet demand for the newest trends, retailers would reproduce them as cheaply and quickly as possible so that they could be stocked in shops everywhere.

With this approach, consumers could buy the latest styles from high-street brands like Zara and Forever 21 as soon as they hit the catwalk or celebrity culture. This is why the fast fashion model is so successful, as it allows customers to grab the hottest trends at a fraction of the price they might have paid for them in the past.


‘Upcycling’ in the fashion industry has risen in popularity in recent years as it gives a second life to items that otherwise may be thrown away. It’s a movement that encourages designers to take old garments and turn them into new designs with a more contemporary feel, which can be great for the environment.

Stained glass logos

A slew of companies are incorporating stained glass in their designs to give a more artistic and edgy feel. This is a great way to add some art into your outfits, while also giving your brand a modern and minimalistic look.

Heart applique

Another big trend this spring/summer 2023 is the use of heart shaped applique in items like dresses and tops. This is a subtle way to bring a romantic touch into your outfits, and can be paired with neutral colours such as cream or tan.

Cropped cardigans

A cropped cardigan is a classic, versatile item that can be thrown on with almost any outfit. It can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans, or even a midi skirt for extra style points. It is a style that is perfect for the warmer weather, as it can be layered up or down depending on the occasion.